A curious and well-intentioned, if slightly stupid, gargoyle


Though he would be six foot if he walked upright, this stone-grey gargoyle prefers to walk and climb on all fours, or fly with his bat-like wings if needed. Weighing about 200 pounds and sporting bright red eyes, Grek nonetheless has a friendly demeanor about him, despite looking like a natural fit on the roof corner of some daunting castle.


Though he is unsure how he came to be, Grek could tell you that he spent most of his life on the rooftops of a grand church, where he would listen to the priest’s sermons and the rich music of the huge organ. Though he would never interact with other people, or other gargoyles, Grek came to be friends with the one person in the town who saw goodness in him, the priest of his church. The priest would talk and share with Grek, and tried his best to teach the gargoyle the common language (a modest success) and the manners of society (an incredible failure). In his free time alone, Grek would sneak his way through the church and simply take things out of curiosity; eventually, Grek began to do this as well to the houses of the town’s citizenry, who immediately stopped tolerating the otherwise solitary gargoyle. The people organized to force Grek out of town – or destroy him, depending on who you asked – but the kindly priest was able to sneak Grek out of town, ensuring the gargoyle could continue discovering the world.

Eventually, Grek came to find himself in an Elven community, but quickly wore out his welcome thanks to his boundless curiosity and tendency to take things regardless of who they belonged to. He eventually came to join the company of two adventurers, Jerell Brunstrom and Valorin Agravaine, and has partaken in many adventurers alongside them since.


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